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feretto_soukon's Journal

The Ferret and the Scar: Fics For the Open-Minded
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***This is a community for fics (and other writings!)!
***I don't care what you submit, but please label them for age (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) and for pairings so that we don't get anyone complaining! Thanks!
***Also, please put a disclaimer at the top (if you write fanfics). Schnoogle.com has an excellent layout.
***Hopefully, we will eventually have beta readers and such.
***I don't care if you write slash, het or gen. It just doesn't matter.
***Please post as often as you can!
***Oh: the listed interests are just suggestions. If your fic doesn't fall within the interests, that's AOK. If you want an interest on the interest list, just email me!
***Expect proofreading. I am a very boring person with no life, so guess what I'll be doing in my free time?